DNC Hack More Extensive Than Thought – NY Times

A sideline from environmental issues. Folks, as someone who has managed computer networks with thousands of users, let me take this moment to tell you that this is all too common a story. If you are not using password programs like 1Password and others, you are leaving yourself at risk. Using simple to remember passwords is going to leave you very vulnerable. I know people who have had their life savings wiped out by bad guys. it’s rare but does happen.  If you can use what’s called Two Factor Authentication, you are helping to keep the bad guys out of your accounts and let them attack those without it. Nothing is foolproof but this is way better than simple passwords.

For Apple Users.


For Windows 10 Users


If you aren’t using Windows 10 or Apple’s latest operating system, you should be. They have done extensive work to put in two factor authentication into both operating systems. Windows 7 is now no longer being supported by Microsoft because it’s too old. They have produced two new versions since then. they include a system that can do facial recognition to go along with passwords, and my ipad and iphone use my fingerprints just fine.

Reward them for the efforts by getting their upgrades. Is it more of a hassle? Sometimes. But we have been fighting this problem for over 15 years, and the answers are here. Time to use them!

If you need help with security in your home computers or business, feel free to get me involved, and I’ll help you out. I do not chrage individuals for basic work. if you have a business I work on a sliding scale. I’m not trying  to get more work, but I think I have something to offer if it’s important to you. I’ll just say that I do have the knowledge to help folks that need it. I can easily do a basic vulnerability assessment to help you figure out next steps. There are folks out there that do much more indepth ones, depending on need.

 The following article was very likely avoidable.

Enough said..

 A hundred of party officials’ personal accounts may have been breached, along with the Democratic Governors Association’s. [NYT]

Awesome Perseid Meteor Shower set to dazzle Northwest skies this week – KOMO

Stay up late or wake up early. Either way, be prepared. Greatest show not on earth.

The best meteor shower of the year is upon us, and for once, the weather around the Pacific Northwest is going to cooperate! Dare we even say, perfect? The Perseid Meteor shower peaks around Aug. 11-13 each year (this year it’s Aug. 11-12) as the Earth moves through the dust and debris about the size of Grape-Nuts cereal left over from the Swift-Tuttle Comet, which comes around these parts every 133 years. As the leftover dust and rocks from the comet burn up in our atmosphere, they make for the streaks of light in the sky – commonly known as “shooting stars.” Scott Sistek reports. (KOMO)


Shoreline restoration project at Fort Townsend nears completion – PDN

Not mentioned in the article is the fact that there will be better beach access for boaters, including a camping site for kayakers. Brought to you by the efforts of the Northwest Straits and your local Jefferson County Marine Resources Committee.

Shoreline restoration providing easier access to a beach at Fort Townsend and habitat for shorebirds, forage fish and other marine animals is nearly complete. The $400,000 project, managed by the Northwest Straits Foundation, includes removing about 1,700 cubic yards of large rock and soil, which are being moved out by barge. The remaining small landing will be reshaped. “The purpose of this project first and foremost was to uncover habitat that had been buried by the fill pad,” said Lisa Kaufman, project manager for the Northwest Straits Foundation. “Also equally important was to improve public access.” Jesse Major reports. (Peninsula Daily News)


‘Grim’ Fraser River salmon runs even worse than forecast -Canadian Press

The neglect of the Fraser runs under the Harper Regime was legendary. Then global warming. Now this.

This year’s Fraser River sockeye return, already forecast to be below average, has turned out to be even worse. One First Nation leader described the return as going from poor to grim. The forecast run this year — which has traditionally been one of the low-run years in the four-year cycle of sockeye — was 2.27 million. That was already below the average of the past half century of 3.9 million. The latest estimates from test fisheries and through sonar counts show that only about half of the expected sockeye had returned by last Friday: 400,000 to 500,000 of the anticipated 840,000, according to the Pacific Salmon Commission, a Canadian-American agency that helps manage fisheries. The peak of the remaining summer sockeye run is expected about mid-month, but there is little expectation that the numbers will change, said Pacific Salmon Commission executive secretary John Field. Gordon Hoekstra reports. (Vancouver Sun)


See also: Federal government expected to act on 2012 report examining Fraser River sockeye http://vancouversun.com/news/local-news/federal-government-expected-to-act-on-2012-report-examining-fraser-river-sockeye (Canadian Press)

From mountain forests to city parks, trees are stressed and dying – Seattle Times

While this story highlights problems in Seattle, the article also points to problems statewide. Climate change is here, and we are going to have to roll with it’s  its punches. A small thought out of this article, is for those of you with birch trees (I’m one of them ). Hold off on any tree trimming until later in the fall. The birch beetles noted in this article are active until about August (so the historical data tells us). I’m unclear as to whether they are going to be active longer into the year, but I’m planning on doing my annual trimming after the leaves fall. Trimming causes stress to the tree, which is what the borers are looking for.

The killing effects of the long, hot drought of 2015 are showing up in dying tree tops, thinning needles, burgeoning beetles and an unprecedented number of dead trees in city parks.


Support local journalism, subscribe to local news.

State adopts ‘fish consumption rule’ after years of debate – Bellingham Herald/AP

Why does this matter? Because if a waterway is polluted, and the fish in it are too, the question of “how much polluted fish can people safely eat?” is not academic, but could raise or lower cancer rates, and possibly even birth defects,in the case of mercury.

The state of Washington has set very unrealistic amounts of fish consumption on purpose, so that polluters won’t be forced to clean up their businesses more than they already are doing. Now, the state has finally acted, ruling that the state is going to protect people that might eat approximately 175 grams a day, or about one serving. The current rule if far less than that, based more on one 7.5 ounce serving in a month! Given that we have a huge population of people that like fish, and might eat, in the course of a week, a lot more than that, this ruling will work, in the long run, to lower pollution in our waterways to protect fish and us.

Certainly, this is all going to take some time, to allow polluters to make changes, which could take a decade or more, but finally owning up to the reality of our fish consumption, will eventually lead to cleaner waters and healthier food.

Washington state regulators on Monday adopted new clean-water rules tied partly to how much fish people eat after years of heated debate over how clean the state’s water should be.

and the original post by Washington State Department of Ecology.

Angry anglers protest closure of Skokomish River – Kitsap Sun

Fish wars continue long Skokomish river. Recent closure of fishing by the tribe based on federal lawsuit crates protest from nontribal sports fishermen. well the protesters were concerned that this may be the start of a trend by the tribes, it’s been my experience that other tribes in the area are not interested in taking this type of action. As the fisheries continue to decline from a variety of reasons, the unfortunate reality is that they may be forced to do so. And in interviews that I’ve done with oldtimers of all political stripes on the Olympic Peninsula, a common thread running through them,regardless of whether they are tribal or non-tribal people is that the fishery should be closed for an extended period,to help replenish the stocks. 



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