Quinault Indian Nation: Standing Up to Big Oil – Youtube

The position of the Quinault Indian Nation regarding the proposed oil ports in Gray’s County.


EVENT:Info on Free & Low-Cost Septic System repair Oct 26

A ways off but mark your calendars if interested.

Jefferson County Public Health is having an event at the end of October for Chimacum and Ludlow Residents.

Chimacum and Ludlow Residents Open House: Info on Free & Low-Cost Programs to repair home on-site septic systems and updates on water quality in the Chimacum and Ludlow Creek Basins. Monday, October 26th 2015 at the Tri-Areas Community Center (corner of Highway 20 & West Valley Road in Chimacum). 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm (Short presentations begin at 6 pm). For more details: contact Anna at (360) 379-4482. Open house hosted by Jefferson County Public Health and the Jefferson County Conservation District.

Anna S. Bachmann

Environmental Health Specialist

Jefferson County Public Health

Environmental Health Dept.

(360) 379-4482

Salish Sea Vessel Traffic Projections: A 43 Percent Increase – Friends of the San Juans

The battle is on to stop the expansion of shipping oil through the Strait of Juan de Fuca and the Salish Sea. Our gems, the San Juan Islands, lie directly in the path of a huge increase in vessel traffic, much of it carrying very destructive processed oil. Here are facts, based on the filings of the companies themselves.

If all the new and expanding terminal and refinery projects in the Salish Sea are permitted and developed, including projects that became operational in 2014, there would be a 43 percent increase in large, commercial marine vessel traffic. Friends of the San Juans and San Juan Islanders for Safe Shipping have released the Salish Sea Vessel Traffic Projections featuring 18 new or expanded proposed or recently completed projects, which cumulatively would add an additional 5,300 annual vessel transits to and from ports in British Columbia and Washington State…. The Salish Sea Vessel Traffic Projections flyer and source information are available at Safe Shipping in the Salish Sea http://www.sanjuans.org/safeshipping/. (9/23/15 News Release from Friends of the San Juans/San Juan Islanders for Safe Shipping)

Provided by Friends of the San Juans/San Juan Islanders for Safe Shipping

Provided by Friends of the San Juans/San Juan Islanders for Safe Shipping

Steelhead snorkel study biologist wants hatchery compromise – KING NEWS

The good news here is that science is now allowing us to better understand the various issues people like John McMillan can move from solutions that are massive and widespread in scale, to more micromanaged ones, that rely more on the specific knowledge of a watershed and it’s species. Wild Fish Conservancy should seriously look at this proposal.

Rivers in Washington may soon be divided into territory for either wild steelhead or hatchery steelhead. The hatchery steelhead are stuck in legal gridlock right now, after a lawsuit filed by the Wild Fish Conservancy argued they’re bad for wild steelhead. One biologist wants a compromise, and he’s advocating for it underwater. John McMillan works for Trout Unlimited. He’s studied steelhead by snorkeling for more than 20 years across 1,500 miles of river, taking video of their behavior changes over time…. McMillan agrees with the state’s plan to map rivers, potentially separating hatchery and wild steelhead. He thinks hatchery fish serve a purpose for fishermen – but need their own territory. Alison Morrow reports. (KING)


Port Gamble Bay Cleanup About to Begin – WSDOE

Photo WA St. DOE

Photo WA St. DOE

A long-awaited cleanup of Port Gamble Bay is just about ready to launch. Work is scheduled to start Monday, with the removal of old pilings treated with toxic creosote.

A number of other piers, docks and other structures also will be removed as the project progresses, and contaminated sediments and other muck will be dug out of the bay or capped with clean material.

The project is expected to continue into early 2017 and really provide a boost for the bay’s health — and for the Puget Sound environment in general.

Senate Democrats Offer Climate Change Bill Aimed Not at Success Now, but in 2016 – NY Times

Washington State Senator Maria Cantwell has put forward this bill, which is a good stake in the ground. Worth remembering when you vote next year, that Republicans have no plan to stop or slow climate change. Their plan is to drill more and remove all regulations that might slow more extraction of oil. They have also worked to end any and all clean energy government subsidies. They are on the wrong side of history, and unfortunately, all of us are paying the price. We are not yet climate refugees here on the Peninsula, but our neighbors in the North Cascades, and the thousands of people throughout the American west who have lost their lives and homes to the largest forest fires in recorded history this summer, are. With the Pope actively working to build public awareness on this, and the President, and even the president of China, who is visiting this week, we need to vote out idiots who stand in the way of saving us from our own inability to change. At this point the Republican Congress seems to be like lemmings, heading right off the cliff and taking us with them. We know who pays these politician’s campaigns, and it is not the majority of the American people, or even the people in their districts. It’s a small lobby of business leaders who cannot see the forest for their trees. I welcome any Republican who wants to work for the future of the planet to say  that they are going to go against the grain and vote for this Democratic proposal.

Senate Democratic leaders on Tuesday introduced a measure intended to signal their support of President Obama’s aggressive climate change agenda to 2016 voters and to the rest of the world.

‘Monster’ El Nino could cause flooding and erosion on B.C. coast: professor – CBC

I’m so glad that while this is expected in British Columbia, it won’t happen here…oh wait!

“We know that in past El Ninos from here to California we’ve seen some of the highest historic rates of erosion. “

This winter’s El Nino is expected to rival the strongest on record, which hit in 1997-98.

If you live on the beach, you might want to make sure your insurance is up to date, and your most valued documents are stored off site.

CBC article


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