Video on Forage Fish.

A good quick overview on why forage fish are important and why so many organizations are working on protecting the near shore.

<p><a href=”″>Forage Fish of the Salish Sea</a> from <a href=”″>Friends of Skagit Beaches</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Working towards change

This New Republic article is a superb overview on why the supporters of Bernie Sanders, and Democrats in general,need to expand their vision if they want to really accomplish anything. If you are working for change read this and forward to your friends in Red states.

The real road to progressive victory doesn’t run through the White House in 2016, but the states in 2020. Those races will decide who controls the next round of redistricting—and whether Republicans can largely lock down majorities in state capitals and Washington for another decade, as they did after their sweeping wins in 2010. “In Congress, the Tea Party lunatics have taken over the asylum,” says Dan Cantor, national director of the Working Families Party. “It’s state legislatures where progressives need to win back power.”

Photo Of the Day – Juvenile Wolf Eel at Point Hudson

Another great shot by Bruce Kerwin off the Point Hudson Jetty.

Juvenile Wolf Eel  Port Townsend

Event: “Put a Cork in It” – Rally for Climate Action – Saturday Nov 21st Port Angeles

Olympic Climate Action is hosting a rally in advance of the upcoming meeting of world leaders in Paris at the Convention of Parties (COP)21, the 21st annual meeting of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.  Rallies are being held around the world to send the message that 21 years of talk is enough and that it’s time to make a just transition to clean energy.

With so much at stake, OCA and its supporters will gather on the Port Angeles waterfront with Shell’s “Polar Pioneer” drilling rig in the background, to send a message to world leaders in Paris that it’s time to “turn the ship around and leave the fuel in the ground.”  This rig recently returned to our harbor after a failed attempt to start a big drilling operation in the Arctic, in a place that wasn’t accessible until climate change melted the sea ice, thereby trying to profit from the very problem this industry had caused.  The failure of this effort, along with the denial of the permit for the Keystone pipeline and widespread opposition to oil and coal transport throughout North America, may be a sign that the tide is turning on climate action.

At this brief rally, expected to last about a half hour, participants will hear about what’s at stake in Paris, talk about why they care, sing a few songs, and then take a group photograph holding a big symbolic cork positioned to look as if it’s capping the oil rig, with our message to “Put a Cork in It.”  The event will be child-friendly, handicapped-accessible, on Bus Route 26 and the Waterfront Trail.  Participants are invited to bring an umbrella, a musical instrument, and signs with messages to our world leaders.

Contact: Ed Chadd, 360-775-9234,

Event:  “Put a Cork in It” – Rally for Climate Action                                                               

Date/Time:  Saturday, November 21, 2015, 12:15 pm

Place:  Port Angeles Boat Haven, East Entrance                                

For more information, see OCA’s website:

Olympic Climate Action

Citizens addressing the threat of climate change on the Olympic Peninsula

Clallam County, Washington State, U.S.A.

Quinault Raise Alarm Yet Again After Two Oil Trains Derail in One Weekend – Indian Country Today

Two more derailments of oil-bearing trains last weekend, both in Wisconsin, have prompted the Quinault Nation to issue yet another warning about the dangers inherent in such transport.


The New York Times Breaks into Virtual Reality Documentary Journalism

Last Sunday, the New York Times sent out a box that contained a cardboard version of Google Glasses for watching a documentary on your iPhone or Android phone. By mounting the phone in the cardboard frame and downloading the video you could look into the world of the displaced children struggling with being forced from their homes by war. This marriage of new technology that is available now for under $3,000, with a journalistic assignment, points to a new frontier of storytelling. If you have not yet seen it, there is a non 3D version, but with the ability to scroll around your screen and view the entire world of the children. Check it out. This is how news will be reported in the near future. And likely how we will learn about the world around us. It’s use in environmental education cannot be overstated.

Picture of the day -Blackeyed Hermit: Point Hudson

Another of our underwater neighbors off the Point Hudson jetty.

Blackeyed Hermit: Point Hudson 12-21-2012 -Photo by Bruce Kerwin

Blackeyed Hermit: Point Hudson 12-21-2012 -Photo by Bruce Kerwin


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